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Of trans-colonial connections: Accounts of Englishmen in India before the foundation of the East India Company (1600). A talk by Saugata Bhaduri.


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JEUDI 18 NOVEMBRE 2021 à 18 H

“Of Trans-colonial Connections: Accounts of Englishmen in India before the Foundation of the East India Company (1600)”

A talk by Saugata Bhaduri

Crypte de NOTRE-DAME RECONCILIATRICE, 12 rue Joseph Chanrion, Grenoble

Summary of talk

Men from England have been visiting India from somewhat before the establishment of the East Indian Company in 1600, and the consequent setting up of English colonies in India in 1611-1612. This talk will present the accounts of a few such early Englishmen in India: Sighelmus of Sherborne (883 CE), Thomas Stevens (1579), Ralph Fitch and his companions (1583), and John Mildenhall (1599). It will also mention two more men from the British Isles, who may not quite qualify as real ‘Englishmen’ to have visited India before 1600, but deserve mention nonetheless: James of Ireland (c. 1320) and the probably apocryphal Sir John Mandeville (c. 1350s).

About Saugata Bhaduri

Saugata Bhaduri is Professor at the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, and currently Visiting Professor at ILCEA4, Université Grenoble Alpes. His areas of research interest include literary and cultural theory, popular culture, translation and comparative literature studies, and the cultural history of colonial Bengal. He has published many books. His latest books are Polycoloniality: European Transactions with Bengal from the 13th to the 19th Century (Bloomsbury 2020) and the forthcoming A Critical History of Bengali Literature (Orient Blackswan 2022).

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