West Side Story by DIY Oxford theater: big success in Grenoble

From Marie-Alice:
I am attaching a news/photo item in the main Grenoble Newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré today, sent by my aunt who saw the show yesterday afternoon (and loved it).
A further feature will be printed next week.  I’ll forward it when relatives send it.
I’ve heard lots of enthusiastic feedback from friends and my extended relatives who went to the show.


Sally:    It was brilliant – especially making new friends and creating beautiful music. Thanks Mel and everyone!  love

Jo: Same from me! Mali had an absolutely amazing time and I know that so many people’s effort went into making it happen. I especially love the way the trip is of all different ages. We feel lucky as a family to have made such a positive link with Grenoble and would love to host any visitors in return. Mel you are an inspiration! Thank you to all!!!

Ron, Clare and of course, Lucy: I can only echo our huge thanks.  Lucy loved every single moment. What an incredible experience and an adventure with friends, old and new. Thank you especially to the team who handled all of the organisation. It is truly appreciated.  Mel, you are an inspiration. Thank you.

Lucy, Natalie and Isis: Thank you to everyone! For families, tours, photos, travel, tickets, coaches, translation, music, drama (the right kind!), backstage, make up, costumes. And to Mel for being the dynamo and inspiration to make it all happen. 

Helen: We are all feeling very emotional this morning in this house ! What an incredible week. Thank you all so much.